A front row seat to the future

Investing at the start of a founders' journey is a rare and rewarding opportunity to enable innovation on a global scale.
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our ethos

The future has always been built by visionaries. Those who are driven to relentlessly create, disrupt, and challenge the status-quo. We exist to find and support these amazing humans to make their vision a reality, right from the start. As investors with entrepreneurial DNA, we believe that early-stage investment should go far beyond a cheque.

Investible is about the synergy between passionate people and audacious ideas. Through deep networks at a local and global level, Investible provides founders with the financial, intellectual, and human capital needed to scale.

Our Investment PRinciples

Developed over more than 10-years' experience investing in early-stage businesses globally, our principles guide our investment decision making.

The earlier the better

Backing great founders early in their journey enables Investible to add the most value and provides investors with significant growth potential over time.

There are more opportunities for pre-IPO or trade sale exits when investing early; and valuations are also typically more conservative than the higher multiples seen at later stage.

Founders at the centre

In a world where every VC is ‘founder-friendly’, our proven track record stands out. We identify the founders who break the mould and relentlessly support them through the highs and lows of building an incredible business.

Exceptional founders look to Investible as their support crew around the world.

Activating the network effect

We believe investment is non-zero-sum. Active means we are open to leading your round, often being the first 'professional' investor on the cap table.

We back our investments with follow-on funding and facilitate connections to later-stage investors, strategic partners, new customers, and talent. This effect is magnified by our Club Investible community.

Due diligence driven by data

Our due diligence process extensively leverages data in accordance with our proprietary 16-point Investibility Index.

Our toolkit—including insights from our portfolio company Fingerprint for Success—helps us to deeply understand founders and their teams, and enables us to tailor founder support for maximum growth impact.

For a better tomorrow

Having pledged to the Investor Group on Climate Change’s Net Zero Asset Manager initiative, we are adamant that technology-driven solutions will address our planet’s most pressing challenges.

We invest for impact across our entire portfolio to deliver a sustainable, resilient future.

A diversified approach

Capital and innovation are both open-ended and borderless.

Our portfolio approach to investment has seen us back companies from five continents and across more than 20 sectors.

We invest initially at the Pre-seed, Seed and Series A stages, following-on in later stage rounds.

Partners for the entire journey

The founder's journey can only truly be understood by those who have experienced it. It’s why Investible was created by our own founders. When we invest, we invest fully.

From our early days, Investible was built with entrepreneurship at its core. Our team's deep experience as founders, operators and investors means we know what it takes, and we're here for it.

Our funds

Investible actively manages early-stage and sector-focused funds which grant investors exposure to technology startups from the start of the company’s journey.

Accepting interest

Mandiri Investible Global Climate Tech Fund

100% impact allocation

A co-GP Fund from Mandiri Capital Indonesia and Investible

This Fund is currently accepting new investor commitments. Read the announcement.

Vintage 2021

Investible Climate Tech Fund

100% impact allocation

Investing in early-stage technology companies mitigating the effects and causes of climate change.

This Fund is currently accepting new investor commitments. Learn more about the Fund here.

Vintage 2021

Investible Early Stage Fund 2

10% impact allocation

Investing in technology companies from any sector (ex-biotech), with a tendency toward B2B software.

Vintage 2018

Investible Early Stage Fund 1

5% impact allocation

A maturing portfolio of 37 visionary technology companies across 20 sectors, and nine countries.

Est. 2014

Club Investible

Now open to new members

Club Investible is an exclusive, active group of investors, co-investing in and supporting founders alongside our funds.

Club Investible

Launched in 2014, Club Investible is a unique and exclusive group of global investors. Club Investible members invest in early-stage tech companies on a deal-by-deal basis, investing alongside the venture capital funds managed by Investible.

Unlike most angel groups and syndicates, Club Investible leverages the expertise and operational capability of Investible’s dedicated investment team. Investors access our robust diligence and play a key role in the tactical ongoing support of our portfolio companies.

Club Investible membership consists of leading business executives, founders and investors from around the world. We are currently open to a limited number of new registrations of interest from sophisticated investors.

Learn more

From our founders

As a tech entrepreneur, you want to partner with investors who share your vision and see the opportunity to pioneer new innovations – not those who follow the crowd. They see your product and say, ‘that’s a world I want to help you build'."

“ Trevor and Creel supported us from 
our earliest days and it’s been incredibly helpful to draw on their experience as founders and investors as we prepared to take Canva global.”
Zac Duff
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"The Investible team was always really supportive, even when we weren’t talking about raising capital. I felt comfortable reaching out knowing that they were following WORK180’s traction and activity."

“ Trevor and Creel supported us from 
our earliest days and it’s been incredibly helpful to draw on their experience as founders and investors as we prepared to take Canva global.”
Gemma Lloyd
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"Founders want to work with investors who move quickly and decisively. Investible executes on its comprehensive process swiftly – providing us with useful insights and enabling us to get on with growing the business."

“ Trevor and Creel supported us from 
our earliest days and it’s been incredibly helpful to draw on their experience as founders and investors as we prepared to take Canva global.”
Dor Krubiner
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