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Khairu Rejal

Baskit raises US$3.3m to strengthen Indonesia's distribution infrastructure

June 27, 2023


Baskit, the newest company in our Early Stage Fund 2 portfolio, secures $3.3 million in Seed funding.

Investment Notes: Rakamin

May 18, 2023


We are delighted to announce our investment in Rakamin, an Indonesian ed-tech start-up solving the tech talent shortage in Indonesia by upskilling adult learners.

Investment Notes: Protos Labs

April 26, 2023


We’re excited to announce our investment in Protos Labs, a Singapore-based cybersecurity company that quantifies cybersecurity risk using areal-time approach that adapts to the changing cyber threat landscape.

Investment Notes: Betterdata

April 21, 2023


The Investible team is thrilled to be a part of the growing synthetic data market with our investment in Betterdata, a Singapore-based Generative AI startup that has developed a programmable synthetic data platform.

Investment Notes: Ledgerowl

February 23, 2023


Welcoming Adrian Yasin, Rey Kamal and the Indonesia-based fintech Ledgerowl to the Investible portfolio

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