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Business Model Blueprint Workshop

Business Model Blueprint Workshop

Are you ready to build a startup that is desirable, viable and scalable?

Join the Investible mentoring team for an innovative masterclass to learn how to build and validate your business using Investible's unique Business Model Blueprint Methodology.

The 1 day only event will provide you with a holistic overview of your business, so you can identify the gaps in your framework early as well as learn how to address them.

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Why should I attend?

  • The unique Investible Business Model Blueprint Methodology and printed canvas.

  • Learn the 4 important aspects of business to validate to ensure your business is desirable, viable, feasible and scalable.

  • Mentoring from the Investible team as you construct your model, guiding you every step of the way and showing you how to create a successful business.

  • Connecting with potential cofounders, customers and partners

  • Interactive, fun learning environment

  • Get exposure to examples of other high growth startups

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The Details

Location: Investible Office Level 4, 16 Spring St Sydney
Date: Sydney 20-July-2017
Additional Information:

The Business Model Blueprint has been developed by successful entrepreneur Creel Price who has designed curriculum for the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Investible and Club Kidpreneur. Those who are familiar with the Lean Canvas model will find the Business Model Blueprint more comprehensive and holistic in application. The Blueprint allows founders to develop not only their value proposition (desirability), but delivery proposition (feasibility) and financial proposition (viability), resulting a business overview from which both a pitch and investor deck can be designed.