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One week to scale your business and change your life:

Master the Art of Decisionship©

Created by Creel Price for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa, Bootcamp will take you into the bush and out of your comfort zone!

A game-changing adventure

If you've been working non-stop on your startup without being able to reap the benefits, you struggle to make winning decisions and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or just want to take your business to the next level...

This is a great opportunity to test your business, marketing and sales strategy with a group of mentors and experts while you complete fun and engaging challenges all while immerse in nature and away from the pressures of everyday life.

At Bootcamp you will:

  • Get you out of your comfort zone–literally–and give you the experiential learning and tools you need to become an entrepreneurial force.
  • Train your business eye so you can make decisions on issues and opportunities like a master entrepreneur and excel in your startup.

A Five-day Adventure

The Investible Bootcamp not only takes you outdoors into the Australian bush, but out of your comfort zone where you will learn how to think, communicate and operate like a master entrepreneur.

Bond With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Throughout the week you'll be working in teams and masterminds. Your teammates will become life-long buddies. You will cry together, you will cook together. You will learn together. And you will create bonds that will last your first, second and ninth startup.

Master Yourself

Discover the often overlooked, yet critical attitudes and motivations that are the key for you to be a successful founder. Understand and grow your capabilities and strengths with our unique Fingerprint4Success tool and methodology.

Experience Your Learnings

At Investible, we believe that the best experience is lived experience. Throughout Bootcamp, you will get out of your head and into your business —helping you break through that next level of awareness you need to succeed.


Get Up To $200K In Funding

Attending Bootcamp will not only have you working on your startup, you also get the opportunity to secure up to $200,000 of funding for your startup, including $175,000 in cash over 12 months to drive further traction to your business. 

Apply for a scholarship and excel your entrepreneurial learning with our

5-day bootcamp

Fill out our form below to apply for a full bootcamp scholarship for you + your cofounder team. If you hit the mark, you will win a spot at this incredible 5-day experience, originally designed for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. Don't delay! At Bootcamp you will:

  • Get real direction for your business with a unique experience combining a unique set of experiential learnings and the tools you need to become an entrepreneurial force.
  • Expand your view of your business and get a real bird's eye view of where you can take it. The possibilities are there, but sometimes you can't see them when you're too close.
  • Train your business eye so you can make decisions on issues and opportunities like a master entrepreneur and excel in your startup.

You may also qualify to pitch to our exclusive Investor Club panel to attain funding for your startup.

What Bootcamp Includes

  • Transport from the CBD to the camping site
  • Accommodation for the week (tents)
  • Catering 
    • Breakfast
    • Morning tea
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon tea
    • Dinner
  • The Decisionship Methodology
  • In-depth Business Model Analysis
  • Incredible and fun challenges every day
  • Transport from the camping site to the CBD
Having a week away in the bush sharing ideas and working on your business might be just the ultimate investment in the future of your startup and entrepreneurial journey. We’ll be diving deep into our founder chemistry formula developed in partnership with Fingerprint for Success to help entrepreneurs create high-potential co-founder teams, and completing incredible challenges that aim to integrate the learnings."
Creel Price, Bootcamp Leader
From scaling some of the highest mountains in the world, to working with Richard Branson on the future of philanthropy, exiting his business for $109m and captaining Australia in the World Elephant Polo Championships, Creel Price is the high-octane adventurer at the forefront of a movement he has dubbed the ‘Entreprenaissance.’

Register Your Interest For Bootcamp

Attending the 5 day bootcamp will give you the skills, confidence and experience to:

  • Develop and refine your model as we delve deep into your business
  • Navigate the complex, inner-workings of your founder motivations to understand yourself better
  • Take you out of your comfort zone and push you to new heights, exploring new ideas and old paradigms
  • Create an incredibly valuable support network of other entrepreneurs that will be friends for life

Fill in the form to get the chance to apply for a scholarship to Bootcamp (valued at $4,500).


Bootcamp is priced at $4,500 per cofounder team, up to 3 cofounders.

You don’t need to have a cofounder to come to Bootcamp, however, it is recommended you have at least one other cofounder that is behind the same idea. Bootcamp will give you a chance to work as a team and develop your communication skills further.

The short answer is no. We cater to all levels of fitness, however, there is a lot of physical activity that may not be suitable for people suffering heart conditions or any other health issues impacted by physical activity.


Bootcamp is an incredible experience. You'll come on the other side with a new view of your business and lots of ideas to implement. If you need further support after Bootcamp, you may choose to join our Circle Membership, which is a program including an ongoing mastermind group, 1-1 coaching, pitch training, and more!
Are you ready to raise? Our quick 12-question assessment can help you determine just how investible you are.